They call her the black rose of the blues.
From London via Lagos, charismatic chanteuse SISTER COOKIE takes you on an eclectic
excursion into the roots & fruits of black music. Old sounds, new tricks. Sensuous, seductive
and moody. As well as possessing a distinctive voice that's tender and sweet when it needs to
be, she is a composer and self-taught pianist who writes honest and raw songs about pain,
heartbreak, suffering - all that bad (meaning-good) stuff.
The little girl who would grow up into SISTER COOKIE absorbed the jazz, soul, highlife and
juju LPs in her parents' collections. Her mother bought her a second-hand keyboard and, starting around the age of three, she began teaching herself to play her favourite songs by ear. Throughout her teenage years, she continued to make further musical discoveries of her own across genres and styles. Eventually, she decided to have a go at performing live
and could often be found playing the piano at London venues such as The Black Gardenia and The George Tavern of an evening.
Following a few years' hiatus to focus on her family after the birth of her son, she returned to the live music circuit in the 2010s. 
To date, SISTER COOKIE has wowed audiences across Europe with her
unique sound and spirit. She has also appeared on records by acts including JIM JONES & THE RIGHTEOUS MIND, MFC CHICKEN, THE SOULFUL ORCHESTRA and THE FUTURE SHAPE OF SOUND.

SISTER COOKIE now performs with her own band - a London-based quartet consisting of
some of the capital's finest veteran musicians. With them, she has recorded In The Blue Corner, her debut album -
an assemblage of original material, each song composed by SISTER COOKIE herself. It is due for release in 2020.
This nightingale will put a spell on you.