From London via Lagos, charismatic chanteuse SISTER COOKIE takes you on an eclectic
excursion into the roots & fruits of black music. Old sounds, new tricks. Sensuous, seductive
and moody. As well as possessing a distinctive voice that's tender and sweet when it needs to
be, she is a composer and self-taught pianist who writes honest and raw songs about pain,
heartbreak, suffering - all that bad (meaning-good) stuff. 

Born in Lagos, Nigeria towards the end of the 1980s into a music-loving household, the lady they now call Sister Cookie was constantly surrounded by a variety of sounds throughout her childhood.; from the juju, highlife, reggae and soul records favoured by her mother and the jazz LPs in her father's collection, to the pulsating traditional West African rhythms that served as the background to numerous special occasions and the moving spirituals that dominated every church service, the would-be chanteuse soaked up an eclectic mix of music. 

Her family relocated to London when she was aged ten and her fixation with music increased, spending much of her time continuing to teach herself to play the piano. Having absorbed different genres throughout her teens, Cookie eventually developed a passion for jazz and the blues. 

Her debut single, a version of Willie Jones' 1962 scorcher, Where's My Money, on which she was accompanied by Turin's Soulful Orchestra, was released on the Italian label, Soulful Torino Records, in August 2014. A limited-edition, vinyl-only release, it sold out instantly. She has also appeared on releases by Jim Jones and The Righteous Mind, MFC Chicken, The Future Shape of Sound. On stage, Sister Cookie has wowed audiences with her unique sound and charisma at a plethora of venues and festivals across Europe. She was also one of the artistes featured in the 2019 book 50 Women In The Blues.

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